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TLAE Album

Television Work



Six Million Dollar Man,

Dinah Shore 

Globetrotters Popcorn Machine

Marcus Welby, M.D.

Police Story

Most Wanted



Oh, God! Book II

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Muscle Rock Madness

"Take Live A Little Easier"  Bell Records


Click the spinning vinyl to enjoy the song

Bell Records produced the vinyl album with 11 songs, and one of the tracks became an instant hit and charted the Billboard on October 20th, 1974

at #112

The song "Take Life A Little Easier" was written by John Annarion & Sid Woloshin

Official Representative from BillBoard has confirmed that Rodney is the youngest male singer who ever charted on Billboard, and his record have not been surpassed yet by anyone.

Mattel Toys created talking

Rodney Rippy Doll

Presenter at AMA with Donny Osmond & Michael Jackson